2014-15 NHL Weekly Summary: Week 3

NHL Week 3 Summary

Here is this week’s top NHL news summary as chosen by me. Lots of “firsts” this week, but also a lot of controversies. Also this week, we learned that hockey isn’t just a past time that we all enjoy together, it’s also a bond that unites us in times of need.

All headlines are linked to articles with further detail, so enjoy! Please let me know if there is any errors/anything that you think I should add to this list and I will fix it/deem if it is worthy.

Sunday October 19th 2014:
Monday October 20th 2014:
Tuesday October 21st 2014:
Wednesday October 22nd 2014:
Thursday October 23rd 2014:
Friday October 24th 2014:
Saturday October 25th 2014:


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Cover Photo Credit: http://www.hdwallsource.com/nhl-wallpaper-15321.html

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