Way back with Wayne: The Origins of Fantasy Hockey

cook cup featured image

My father, Wayne, has been a life-long hockey fan. He loves to watch it, he loved to coach his kids in it, and he loved to play it. In this segment, I pick my dad’s brain about the progression of hockey from a fan’s perspective.

Many of you reading this are probably like me, you are absolutely obsessed with playing fantasy hockey. You delve hours into research before, during, and after each season just so that you can get an edge on your fellow Fantasy GMs and finally get bragging rights, and likely having your name immortalized on a trophy along with some cold hard cash. With so many different ways to play Fantasy Hockey and how much depth and complication can be involved with them, it’s crazy to think about how far Fantasy Hockey has come in a few decades. Luckily for me, my father has been participating/running the Cook Cup playoff hockey pool for 35 years and is the perfect candidate to get an idea of the climate of Fantasy Hockey back in the day.

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