The Away Game: Pick Your Best Hockey Stick

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It’s inevitable — your hockey stick, no matter what make or model, will eventually break. They can only take so much abuse and fire off so many shots before something eventually gives. But picking out a new hockey stick — no matter whether you play in an adult “beer” league or in a more advanced, competitive league — is a lot more than just heading to the store and selecting a new one.

Yes, the hockey stick has evolved rapidly since the early days of the game. It’s transformed from all wood makes to aluminum composites with detachable blades and now to one-piece composites that are lighter and offer more power than predecessor models. Hence, there’s a lot to consider when you’re selecting your next stick. Here’s a look at the anatomy of a hockey stick and all of the different features you need to keep in mind when making your next selection. Believe it or not, even a slight change or alteration in anything from the shaft to the blade can either increase performance or force you to adjust your game accordingly.

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