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The Away Game: Hockey Edumacation

The transition from minor hockey to beer league hockey was a very interesting state of events in my hockey career. The games weren’t as intense, there isn’t a coach breathing down your neck anymore, and you only had the wrath of your teammates to face if you messed up. Even though my dreams of becoming an NHLer died a long time ago, I am always looking to improve my game. I’ve looked at videos online and I have spent hours shooting pucks at the net in my backyard; however the best way to learn is to be told by others what you are doing wrong. I have attached a preview of Al Corey’s article from the blog “The Ancient Netminder” that talks about his experiences of educating and learning from the game.

Walking to my car last night, one of the many new faces to join my teams this season stopped me. This was moments after a gut-wrenching 5-3 loss after holding a 3-0 lead going into the second period.

“Hey man, I just wanted to say that if you see something out there that I’m doing wrong, let me know OK?” I nodded enthusiastically and assured him I would.

Leading up the game I had posted several times to the team’s Facebook page. Diagrams of defensive zone coverage, suggestions to our forwards about choosing patience instead of turning the puck over and so on.

Before the game, I grabbed up my defenseman and had an on-ice huddle. “Two rules,” I implored them. “One, don’t play with the puck around the crease. You see the puck, you slam it to the nearest boards as fast as you can. Two, no clears up the middle.”

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Cover Photo Credit: Al Corey of The Ancient Netminder

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