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Fantasy Hockey: The Cook Rating Hockey Pool Tool

The Cook Rating is a hockey pool tool that is meant to assist in making player decisions. For example, if you are getting hammered in your pool every week in hits, blocks, and assists; this tool will help you in finding the best player that is the best in those three categories overall. It does this by running each players’ stats through an equation and outputs them as a single number, selfishly called the “Cook Rating”. You can check out the Cook Rating right here:

Play around with this tool and figure it out, but check out this article for an in depth explanation on how the Cook Rating is calculated!


  1. Nice site. You’re Cook rating tool seems useful buuuut, it would be nice if there was a way to ‘weighting’ to the separate stats. For instance, in our league, goals are worth 1.5, assists 1 and hits .125. You get this figured out and turn it into an app that us fantasy nerds could use quickly and BAM, you got a winner! Just sayin’…

    • Thanks Mike! That’s actually some great advice. There are a few revisions that need to be made to the Cook Rating (categories bar that scrolls down the page when you do, highlighting of chosen stats in output, got some other ideas kicking around), but the more versatile I can make this tool, the better.


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