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Detroit Red Wings Arena: Construction Update #1

With the construction of the new Detroit Red Wings Arena in full swing, and the accompanying 50 blocks of construction, I can truly say downtown Detroit will never look the same. The days for the “Joe” are numbered, and while I’m left to wonder who I will call my neighbours once the Red Wings and Joe Louis Arena are gone, it sure has been interesting seeing all the new construction and the daily progress on the new arena district. Living only a short 5 minute People Mover (Aerial Train) ride away from the new arena district, I figured why not do a construction blog following the progress of the new home for the Detroit Red Wings since it’s not every day a new NHL arena gets built.

For my first update, we are actually going to go back a few months to what I consider the true start of construction for the new Detroit Red Wings arena, the starting gun so to speak… (What can I say… it was a really loud)

“THE DEMO” – July 11th, 2015 @ 7:59 AM EST

And with that, the last building blocking the way for construction to begin on the new Detroit Red Wings arena was gone. The video doesn’t do the 200lbs of dynamite justice. It was so loud many people dropped their phones from the shockwave that hit all of us trying to get a video. Car alarms were set off as far as 5 blocks from the demolition. As the guy next to me said, “It was better than the fireworks!” referencing the prior week’s July 4th fireworks in Detroit. As quick as the building came down the site was cleared of rubble in hardly a week. Foundation work then began. Cranes started to sprout up everywhere as the weeks passed and now, a little over 2 months later, the site is lively as ever, changing on a constant basis. I will try to keep regular updates coming as progress continues on the new Detroit Red Wings arena over the coming 2 years.

Stay tuned for some current photos in my next update. Below is a time-lapse video Olympia Entertainment has published showing the progress so far.

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