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Four Fantasy Hockey Footnotes: To Bench or Not to Bench

One of the largest factors in Fantasy Hockey success is being able to correctly identify who to play and who to bench on any given day. This can be a tedious and frustrating task for those that find that more often than not the players they chose to bench on any given day perform better than those that were in their active roster. Even a veteran fantasy hockey player will find days where the lineup they set wasn’t the most productive they could have had. There is no sure fire way to always set the perfect lineup everyday but here are some tips to get as close to perfection as possible.

The Hot Hand:

When it comes to picking your lineups offensive players it can be quite the dilemma when you have to decide between a proven workhorse or a player on a hot streak. Although it is hard to bench a workhorse, hot streaks are the things fantasy hockey GMs live for. Workhorses get you to the fantasy hockey playoffs, playing the hot hand gets you the #1 seed and wins championships.

Nemesis of the Netminder:

Goalies play a mental game
Goalies have to stay on top of their mental game. Photo by:


When it comes to picking your lineups goaltenders, perhaps the most important thing to look for isn’t their recent play but their historic play against the team they will be facing. Goaltenders tend to be the players whose performance is most affected by their mental state, and every goalie has teams that haunt them, a nemesis if you will. Even if your goalie has been playing well it is always risky to play them against a team they historically have had trouble against. With goalies it is always best to set your lineup based on the NHL matchup.

Quitting Cold Turkey:

Quitting cold turkey
Quitting cold turkey is the best way to deal with slumping players till they turn around. Photo by:


If a player is in the midst of a dry spell it is often best to just bench that player until they prove themselves reliable again rather than wasting a spot on your active lineup in the hopes they end their slump. This can be hard when it is your star players that are slumping but you have to look past that to get the most points possible. These stars will soon turn around and at that point feel free to move them back into your lineup but until then its best to go with the hottest hand and quit cold turkey on those in a dry spell till they turn it around.

D-Void with your Defense:

Holes in Defense
Use defense to fill holes in your teams play. Photo by:


Defenseman are often taken for granted in fantasy hockey leagues as compared to their offensive counterparts. However, the best fantasy hockey teams rely heavily on defensemen to fill the voids in their offensive players stats. This is because there are very few offensive players that truly cover all stat categories found in standard or customized leagues. So when you have to chose which defensemen to bench and which to play on a certain day, chose the defensemen that will best cover the categories you are lacking possible stats in for that day and have been lacking during the entire week.

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