Fantasy Hockey Playoffs

Four Fantasy Hockey Footnotes: Fantasy Hockey Playoffs

With the fantasy hockey playoffs in full swing for most standard and custom fantasy hockey leagues, it’s do or die time. There is no room for lineup mistakes, no second chances. It is the time of year fantasy hockey GMs worldwide live for. So without further adieu here are my final tips for the season and hopefully they will lead you to become the victor of your league’s fantasy hockey playoffs.

Play to your strengths not your Opponents:

In the fantasy hockey playoffs it’s very important to stay focused on what stat categories you go after. By this point in the season, it’s very clear what your strengths and weaknesses are as well as your opponents. When making daily lineup decisions chose players that will benefit your strengths the most. If your consistently winning in assists, +/-, and PIMs make sure you play players that help those the most. It’s important to not play into your opponents strengths and waste player appearances chasing down your opponents best stat categories while benching players that would help your best stat categories or help you in tossup categories. I.E. if your opponent has consistently dominated other teams all season in Faceoff Wins, acknowledge that it’s likely a lost cause and focus on playing players that will help you win other categories instead.

Daily Lineup Decisions:

Making the right roster decisions on who to bench and who to play is always important but during the fantasy hockey playoffs, when there are no second chances, it becomes extremely important. Any “wasted” stats on the bench could come back to haunt you when that final day of fantasy hockey playoff matchups end. So how do you make the right daily lineup decisions? There is no sure-fire way but my previous article (Four Fantasy Hockey Footnotes: To Bench or Not to Bench) will help you get as close as possible to making the right calls during your push to become the champion of the fantasy hockey playoffs.

Desperate Times Require Desperate Measures:

If it comes down to that last day in a matchup and a loss is in site, I recommend trying the “roster carousel” technique. Essentially this technique is a “final stand” technique that involves using all your remaining add/drops Saturday night. You would drop as many of your lowest ranked players that won’t be playing Sunday as possible, most leagues allow 4 add/drops per week, and pick up the best players available that will be playing in games on Sunday. However, if you have a full schedule Sunday, obviously you shouldn’t bother with this tactic. You also shouldn’t bother using this tactic if you are winning as you would be losing good players that got you to the playoffs and you will probably regret giving them up in the next round. This technique essentially gets you extra player appearances for the week and might be the factor that makes that potential matchup loss into a win. This is the “Hail Mary Pass” of fantasy hockey and should only be done if you find yourself down with one day to play in your final playoffs push.

Pick up Players on Teams w/ Most Games Remaining:

If you have to pick up players due to injuries or any other reason it’s important to pay attention to how many games are remaining for the team of the player your picking up. There is generally a range of up to 3 less games for some teams compared to others left in the season. A player is generally more influential to your fantasy hockey team if they have more appearances for you. More appearances = more opportunities for stats. Even if they are not as good as other available free agents those 3 extra appearances will likely payoff for your team and improve your chances of winning your fantasy hockey playoffs.

 Good Luck! and for one final time this season you must

“Do. Or Do Not. There is No Try.”

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