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Four Fantasy Hockey Footnotes: Season in Review – Part 1

Another season of fantasy hockey has come and gone. Champions were born, upsets brewed, and hopes dashed. So where does that leave us now? Well for the large majority, we find ourselves thinking about mistakes and what-ifs. Only a few become a champion in any given year in fantasy hockey leagues, but it is because of that elusive goal where the odds are always stacked against us, that we come back for the next season. We come back hoping to prove our friends wrong by becoming the next fantasy hockey league champion.

For many of us, the loss is too fresh in our minds to even think about next season. But that is the thing… there will be a next season. Another chance to win it all, another chance to prove your tactics and strategy work, another chance to beat the odds. Although nothing is ever a given in competition, a little bit of looking back and analyzing this past season can go a long way to increasing the odds of becoming a champion next year.

Step 1:

The first thing to do before looking back and analyzing your season is to make sure you have all the info you need to find what could have possibly gone wrong. My Four Fantasy Hockey Footnotes articles over this past season are a great tool to help you find those errors. My advice throughout those articles is in no way an end-all-be-all but they should give you a good backbone to compare your team and strategies to. Below are all my fantasy hockey advice articles brought into one cumulative list for easy browsing.

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With the info found throughout my previous articles above you will be better at spotting and understanding errors in strategy that may have led to your downfall when you begin to analyze this past season. Again following these strategies can in no-way guarantee a championship team but will help your odds of having a successful season come next year.

Next week I will look more in-depth into how to analyze this past fantasy hockey season in “Part 2” of this Season in Review article.

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