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My picks for the top 5 best and worst NHL jerseys of all time

Throughout their NHL viewing career, the average hockey fan is exposed to a very diverse collection of jerseys worn by various clubs across the league. Some teams seem to wear a new jersey every year, while some have not changed in nearly 100 years. Many of these jerseys hold significant historical importance and are considered a privilege to wear, while others are just downright embarrassing. This is my take on the 5 best and worst NHL jerseys of all time.

Let’s start with the bad news first:


5) 98/99 to 02/03 Phoenix Coyotes:

Sports Illustrated
Source: Sports Illustrated

I am not sure how these jerseys managed to climb out of the 90’s era… Although the logo can hold its own against any in the league, the rest of the jersey looks like something you might consider covering with the sweater grandma knitted you for Christmas.

4) 98/99 to 05/06 Calgary Flames:

Sports Logos
Source: Sports Logos

The fire breathing dragon/horse/pokemon on a plain black jersey just doesn’t do it for me. How this one made it to the NHL I will never understand. What is more bizarre is how long it lasted. They understood that they were being represented by the “Flames” evolving from a horse’s nose, right?

3) 95/96 to 05/06 Boston Bruins:

Sports Illu
Source: Sports Illustrated

These awful yellow jerseys were clearly an attempt to highlight the correlation between the words “bruin” and “bear”. Thank you for clearing that up Boston.

2) 01/02 to 06/07 Nashville Pedators:

Smell the Glove
Source: Smell the Glove

Not only does it look like they picked a shade of yellow at random, but that predator logo looks like it came straight out of an ’80s cartoon. The combination of these two factors make this is one ugly jersey. I still say that this is the only reason why hockey isn’t thriving in Music City.

1) 95/96 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim:

Sports Logoss
Source: Sports Logos

This abomination leaves me speechless. The team was friggin’ owned by Disney! What? How is that even possible? This will forever be an embarrassment to the NHL. And the jersey? I have nothing to say but shame on you NHL and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim for letting this see the ice.


These are just my top 5 worst NHL jerseys… trust me; there are PLENTY more puke-worthy sweaters that made it to the show.

Now that you are all good and depressed, let’s carry on to my favourite NHL sweaters of all time!


5) 76/77 Toronto Maple Leafs:


An original six team, the Maple Leafs have had some very nice jerseys over the years. What makes them so good? Simplicity and consistency. This just happens to be my personal favourite of the collection.

4) 76/77 Los Angeles Kings:

Steve Babineau Getty Images
Steve Babineau/Getty Images

These jerseys are perfect. The yellow and purple just vibe, and the simple yet elegant crown logo just tops it off. Crowns off to you for this design LA.

3) 92/93 Pittsburgh Penguins:

Pittsburgh Penguins player and owner Mario Lemieux
Getty Images

This jersey couldn’t get any better, and with the likes of Lemieux, Jagr, Kovalev and Francis having worn it, it will forever be considered a classic.


Bill Smith Getty Images
Bill Smith/Getty Images

The Chicago Blackhawks have pumped out several versions of their jersey, each one being just as great as the other. My favourite version is this plain red jersey presently worn, but there is not a single one that I do not like.

1) Past-Present “Red” Montreal Canadiens:

Andre Ringuette Getty Images
Andre Ringuette/Getty Images

I would say that there is a bias in this decision as I am the world’s biggest (unofficial…for now) Habs fan, but the sports community in general has this historic jersey ranking close to, if not the “best” jersey in sports. The jersey design has remained virtually untouched for nearly 100 years, and is recognizable by various cultures across the globe. It still gives me shivers every time I put it on, and for those reasons, this is my number one BEST NHL jersey of all time.

Again, I would like to reiterate that these are just my personal, non-exhaustive selections for best and worst NHL jerseys. If your opinions differ, I would love to hear them! Follow me on twitter by clicking here, and tweet me with your BEST or WORST NHL jersey picks!

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images

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