The NHL’s Best in-Arena Quirks

Even though I’m a very dedicated Toronto Maple Leafs fan (even in these trying times), I tend to watch many other hockey games throughout the season. While watching these games over the years, I’ve noticed that each arena has its own quirks, be it quirks in the environment of the arena itself, the fans, or even the players. There are many of these little quirks with each of the NHL teams, but I’ve selected my favourite for the purpose of this article.

Colorado Avalanche – “Super Mario Mushroom Power Up”

Being corn-fed Nintendo games from my early childhood, I couldn’t help but smile when I heard this sound at the end of a Colorado Avalanche penalty kill:


Dallas Stars – Jumbo Tron Chirps

The Dallas Stars have redefined their image with the emergence of Jamie Benn, acquisition of Tyler Seguin, and a jersey redesign, but none are more important than the individual they hired to run their Jumbo Tron:


No team is spared:

No fan is spared:

Not even players are spared from the relentless chirps of the Jumbo Tron Guy:


I think it’s pretty safe to say that the person who runs the Jumbo Tron has their job locked down. Here is a small list of the best of the Dallas Stars’ jumbo tron chirps.

Los Angeles Kings – Eric Cartman

Needless to say, the Adult Cartoon “South Park” has become a household name in North America, in both good and bad ways. This popularity has spilled over to the world of hockey to the point that one of the main characters “Eric Cartman” tends to show up on the LA Kings Jumbo Tron to amp fans up in some good ways:

…and some bad:

Here is a playlist of some of the other times that Cartman decided to show up at the LA Kings games.

Boston Bruins – Rene Rancourt

I can’t talk about the Boston Bruins without mentioning the Toronto Maple Leafs, given the fact that the Leafs’ only playoff berth in the last 10 years was cut short in the most disastrous fashion. However, I had one key take away from these rivals; Rene Rancourt is awesome:


 Columbus Blue Jackets – The Cannon

You shouldn’t be ashamed if you are shocked by the roar of the Columbus Blue Jackets’ cannon that they have installed in their arena for celebrations:

The cannon is great quirk to an arena because it’s not something that just the fans that notice:

But the players as well:

The Cannon is shot at home games whenever:

  • The Blue Jackets take the ice at the start of the game
  • The Blue Jackets score a goal
  • The Blue Jackets win the game.

I think this a pretty awesome way of adding a personal touch to an arena (with the added bonus of intimidating visiting teams), but now I’m just wishing we could see some more Blue Jackets playoff hockey and watching the place erupt whenever “The Cannon” is shot off.

BONUS: The Travelling Jagrs

Jaromir Jagr has become quite the famous hockey player from his point production, his longevity in the sport, and his dirt-nasty flow:

(Getty Images)

Due to these factors and many more, Jagr has gained a fan base over the years. However, none are more famous than “The Travelling Jagrs”:


If you happen to be at a Florida Panthers game, consider yourself lucky to witness the greatness of the “The Travelling Jagrs”, the pinnacle of hockey fanaticism.

 Did I miss some of your favourite in-Arena Quirks? Let me know in the comments below!

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